Learning to Let Go

This year, I’m learning to let go of what is not for me.

It’s really painful to hang unto something that is not working. Why hurting ourselve unecessary when we can avoid it? Life on Earth is short.

Because I waaaant it.

You want it. Right. But at what cost?

A good question to ask ourselves is: does this job, relationship, project, gives me energy or deplet me?

Am I excited or motivated by the thought of this?

We always know when something feels off – we start by overthinking every little details, we stress it out, we lose sleep…

At the end, we are just tired, grumpy and unhappy.

What a win!

We cannot force a specific person to love and care for us, just like we can’t expect to enjoy completing a task we hate.

All we can do is taking some time off to reflect, and redirect ourselves on the right path.

So what motivate you? What do you need?

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