Need For Change

Today, Sunday. I’m off work, and I come to the realization -for the hundredth time in this last month- that I passionately hate my job.

What have I done to get to that point? I just need to make money. Who doesn’t? But I feel like my soul has been sucked out of my body lately.

I feel guilty for complaining. In the middle of a pandemic, having a job is a blessing.

I have prayed for a good job more than one year ago and I got it. This is one of the most stable jobs I ever had.

But I grew to be tired of it.

I feel the need to go back to what I truly love: writing, painting, cooking, etc.

I love all these things.

Why can’t I simply make a living of it? I have social media in my hands. I could start by creating a blog. See where it goes. Why not?

Ok. Let’s start today!

I hope you’ll enjoy my writing 😉


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