I’m Super Jealous.

I’m super jealous of people who have a strong passion for something and are really good at it: musician, author, dancer, etc.

I feel like these people are a rare breed who not only exist, but live.

In other words, they THRIVE.

I’m 30, and I’m still looking for that passion which could light my soul in fire.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m a very passionate person, but for some reasons, I have the natural inclination to fragment myself a little bit everywhere.

I’m a person of hobbies: I enjoy writing and painting. I also enjoy reading about nutrition, cooking, exploring nature, and starting new things.

I’ve been getting into climbing last fall, and I really enjoy it.

Can I say I have one real passion though? I’m not sure.

I wish I would be extremely good at one thing, but – honestly – I can’t choose.

I’m just a girl who likes a little of everything.

Hopefully, you enjoy my writing 😉

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2 thoughts on “I’m Super Jealous.

  1. Totally understandable, my interests are writing and music and I’ve gotten a little jealous too sometimes. You’re only human, sweetie. Keeping doing what you love and it just might turn into a huge success! Love and blessings to you always!

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