Writing Bliss

Before creating this blog, I had started 4 other blogs. They were all very short-lived (less than one year), but this time, I feel I could make it work long-term.

I’ve healed, I’ve learned and I’ve grew enough as a human being to be able to produce meaningful, helpful content. I just feel it in my heart.

I finally got to a point where I can share my journey and inspire others at the same time. Because this is what I aim to do here: inspire, motivate, encourage.

I went through so many things in my life – difficult things – and I’m still standing.

I’ve learned to be resilient; to trust the process; to communicate better… and I’m still learning and healing – it will be a life long journey.

You know what? We, humans, put way too much pressure on ourselves: we aren’t here to make tons of cash, buy big things; and show off; we are here to figure out life; make mistakes; and help others.

We need to get out of that materialistic, egoistic box. This box simply doesn’t exist. We created it in our mind – and our ego feeds on it.

Let go of the ego and go back to the rawness of humanity.

Let’s connect and share. Let’s be humans!

I’m so excited I went back to blogging. This place makes me happy 🙂

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