I’m a Jesus Girl.

I never thought I would say that one day, but yeah – I’m a Jesus girl.

It’s pretty awesome to think that I went from enjoying horror movies and grunge music to simply looking at a mountain and seeing all the beauty in it.

God opened my eyes when I was blind. He brought me to light when I was in the darkness.

He gave me the true definition of love when I couldn’t even love myself.

“We love because he first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

How blessed are we to experience his eternal and unconditional love?

We live in a broken world, but God is still giving us good things.

We pray for his wisdom and blessings while he is already at work in our lives.

God is the one we can trust at all times, and he wants the best for us.

The bible is true – whoever believes in him will find everlasting peace.

It always feels good to pray and share our struggles with him.

Because God is always listening.


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