I Did It.

Today, I did it. I sent a resume for a job in my field of study: communications.

It’s a seasonal job, but it’s perfect for me as my long term goal is to be self-employed. I truly wish I could make my own money and my own schedule one day.

Some people prefer the security of a stable income – not me.

I need flexibility of space and time: working from home or a cafe; working from the beach if I feel like it. I also prefer doing all the work in the morning and being free in the afternoon.

I believe I will get there eventually, but for now, I’m happy to just change job.

Everything comes in time isn’t it?

2020 and 2021 are teaching me the virtue of patience and the importance of hope. Without these two I would be totally crushed – laying on the carpet of my room without any strength to feed myself.

Let’s be honest this pandemic is hard. Very hard – and I’m not even struggling with my health or my finances right now. It’s just plain boredom.

The whole world is on pause. We see the same people and do the same things e-v-e-r-y-d-a-y. Everything is so repetitive and predictable.

This blog is an outlet. I need this. I need to connect on a deeper level with total strangers. No more small talk with hungry customers, just real feelings and raw connection through a screen with these 249 words.

Now 250 🙂

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